Complaints Policy

Reporting Content Violations:

We encourage all users to report any content that may be illegal or otherwise violates community standards. This includes but is not limited to infringing, illegal, abusive, or otherwise inappropriate content. To report such content, please use e-mail address abuse[at]

Review and Resolution:

We acknowledge all reported complaints, and they will be reviewed within three business days. Our administrative staff will carefully assess each complaint in accordance with our Terms and Conditions to determine its validity.

Appeals Process:

If a user disagrees with the decision made regarding their complaint, they have the right to appeal within the next 24 hours after the decision has been communicated. The appeals process involves a reevaluation of the complaint by our administrative staff, considering any additional information provided by the user. In case of persistent disagreement, a neutral body will be involved to facilitate resolution.

Outcomes of Investigations/Reviews:

Once a decision is made, any infringing, illegal, abusive, or otherwise inappropriate content will be promptly removed from our platform. The nature of the removal or any additional actions taken will be based on the specifics of the violation and in alignment with our Terms and Conditions.

Contact for Filing Complaints:

If you wish to file a complaint, please use our reporting features on the platform. For appeals or further communication, you can contact us via email abuse[at]


If you have been depicted in any content and would like to appeal the removal, please notify us by an email to abuse[at] In the event of a disagreement regarding an appeal, we are committed to resolving it through a neutral body to ensure fairness and impartiality.